Decorative coatings for Residential, Commercial & Industrial flooring
Solutions For You, Flooring offers Shot Blasting & Diamond grinding floor preparation
The counter tops we can say don't replace your counter top resurface your existing counter top with our urethane topping system for half the cost of a  high grade counter top.We do an in home estimate. Our trained team will examine your counter top. We can resurface any existing surface. Multiple colors 
to chose from.
No mess. In homes installation.
Can be resurfaced in one to two days.
Showers and Backsplash               
New urethane counter top refinishing. Multiple colors available.
Gloss or Satin finish. Half the cost of a new counter top.
We can go over Formica, wood and more. Call for a in home estimate.
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Quartz - Flake Mosaic Flooring in Columbus Ohio
Columbus - Acid Stains Interior and Exterior Flooring
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