Decorative coatings for Residential, Commercial & Industrial flooring
Solutions For You, Flooring offers Shot Blasting & Diamond grinding floor preparation
Random flake system. Price determined when floor is examined. This system will give a terrazzo appearance. Great for commercial buildings, warehouses, offices, pizza shops, garages and more.  Includes floor prep, labor and a color basecoat and chemical resistant topcoat.

Flake mosaic system. Price determined when floor is examined. This system will give a mosaic flake dimension appearance.  This system is our most selling system.  The flake mosaic system can be applied on any concrete surface.  If your concrete has allot of holes or cracks this is the system for you.  Great for any interior application. Includes floor prep, labor color basecoat, full flake color and the best chemical resistant topcoat that we can get.

Flake mosaic flex system. Price determined when floor is examined.  This system is a system that is made to be applied over plywood surfaces.  The base coat is a flexible resin to allow movement.  The topcoat is a flexible polyurea topcoat. Chose the same colors and textures as the flake mosaic system.

Concrete Acid stain and seal is priced when floor is examined. This system will give a marble or old leather look.  This system can be installed on interior or exterior concrete surfaces. To achieve the best look the concrete should have as little cracks and holes as possible. Includes floor prep, labor, color stain and topcoat.  There are three different topcoats available for the stains, mild gloss, gloss, satin, matted finish / textured.  Great for pizza shops, pubs, diners, restaurants, motorcycle shops, basements and much more.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing price: Our average pricing of $1.90 -$3.00 a sqft. Hardwood surface flooring refinishing. Select from satin or gloss floor finish.  This includes sanding and a three coat system of polyurethane.                                                                                                                                                                           

If you have a garage floor or a commercial warehouse area or any area that you want a long lasting coating, Solutions For You can help.  We always have discounts or specials so that our customers can always get the best flooring system that they need.


Quartz Flooring is a blend of colored Quartz and a epoxy and urethane resin. When they are blended and applied on a concrete surface you get a rock hard decorative and non slip finish. Quartz floors are used in restrooms where there is no grout lines like the  tile floors. Quartz floors are seamless so no dirty grout to clean.

Quartz floor (sand texture) is priced when floor is examined. This system is an over-layment system or a double broadcast system.  If there is heavy traffic such as forklifts or there are big holes or cracks this system will work.  Includes floor prep, labor, two base coats, colored quartz sand and a very durable and chemical resistant topcoat.  Quartz floors are great for kitchen floors, bakeries, dinners, Animal care areas, porches and more.  Replaces tile in restaurants.

Quartz floors are great on Porch, Patios, Sidewalks, Restaurant kitchen floors anywhere you will need a durable-seamless floor.

Rubber flooring. are great for Gyms, Weight rooms, Kid play areas, Basements, Outdoor play areas. It has a slight give to the floor. Child safety will not be a concern.

Also great for around the HOT TUB !

The mixture or recycled rubber and and special urethane makes this a durable and extremely flexible floor. All colors can be mixed to make a custom color. Also looks GREAT !
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